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We provide leaders, managers and business executives with top-level support in developing emotional intelligence.


Our vision is a world where satisfied people achieve superior results and quality relationships with others.

Keys of success


We help you to become aware of your own power of choice and to create the answer that will lead you on the path to happiness and success.


We give you access to the most effective techniques and tools to learn how to harness the potential of your brain to achieve the desired results.


We support you in taking the necessary actions on an ongoing basis to achieve your goals.

Learning and innovation

We teach you how to think “outside of the box” to continuously achieve superior results.


We help you choose actions and behaviors that are in accordance with ethical and moral principles.

Successful communication and relationships

We help you establish quality communication and good relationships with others.

Our team

Mirta Fraisman Čobanov

Director and Head of Partus Academy
Mirta graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 2001, majoring in finance. Shortly afterwards, in... More

Jelena Janković

Expert Associate & Trainer
Jelena completed her undergraduate degree in Economics and Management and her BA in Human Resources Management. She... More

Željka Šeler

Coach of Excellence for Children
Željka is a certified coach and coach of excellence for children, as well as a happy and... More

Ksenija Genc Novak

Associate Leadership and Executive Coach/ Consultant EMCC Global Accredited Coach / Mentor
I am passionate about developing people to conscious leaders. The world, and not only business world, needs... More

Sonja Čuljak

Expert, Consultant and Coach
Sonja graduated from the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split in 2000. That same year, she began... More

Our history

The Partus Academy was created as the crowning of the six-year work of the Partus Education and Counseling Center, founded in 2010. In the eight years of the center’s existence we have held more than 2,000 individual trainings, over 480 group trainings and trainings in the field of personal and business growth and development. Our trainers have held over 350 open training and company training sessions, with which theyViše