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Free introductory workshop by the School of Stress Management for managers and leaders

For whom: The workshop is intended for managers and leaders who want to learn how to better and more effectively manage stress through techniques and tools in the fields of dialectical-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic psychology (NLP), Excellence training and Mindfulness.

Seating is limited. Reserve your place on time.

Often, under the influence of many commitments, we accept stress as part of our lifestyle. Stress can have extremely bad effects on our health, relationships, productivity, as well as overall life satisfaction. However, it is worth remembering that low levels of stress are good because they stimulate activity towards the achievement of goals.

Stress is an integral part of everyday life today; the question is just who does it manage with? You with stress or stress with you?

Take the wheel of your own life into your own hands and learn what it is like to live in the present moment and not worry about what it will be or what it was. Join us for a workshop and learn applicable techniques and tools to help you become aware of yourself and your environment and reduce your stress levels in a mindful way.

What is the connection between mindfulness and business?

Benefits of Mindfulness techniques are recognized worldwide. Did you know the managers of some of the world’s most famous companies – Apple, Google and Nike support and use Mindfulness techniques in their daily work?

Mindfulness techniques bring you back to what is currently happening to you, and you are learning to live and enjoy the moment and not worry or focus on past or future. Mindfulness techniques have been researched by many Harvard researchers and it has been identified that mindfulness brings about a number of positive changes on health, relationships and communication.

Some of the research can be found at the following links:
Harvard, Google, Nike & Apple, SAP

You are wondering how…


  • To take control of your body, condition, thoughts and emotions
  • be in the present moment
  • manage daily challenges
  •  achieve and maintain inner peace

Take the first step and join us in the workshop and learn methods, techniques and tools in the fields of dialectical-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic psychology (NLP), Excellence Training and Mindfulness.


Client testimonials

“Željela bih se ovim putem zahvaliti na vremenu, trudu, profesionalnom, ali ujedno ljudski toplom i ohrabrujućem pristupu prilikom naših individualnih konzultacija. Josipa, pomogla si mi rasčistiti um i staviti stvari na svoje mjesto i svakako bih svakome preporučila dolazak kod tebe. Još jednom hvala za sve.“

Danijela Marković, dipl. iur., HGK

“Josipa je jako draga i ugodna mlada dama, strpljiva i pažljiva, s mnogo informacija u glavi koje pravovremenim pitanjima i različitim scenarijima pokušava osvijestiti u svojim klijentima. Zahvaljujem se Josipi na svemu.“

Anamarija Jurinjak, dr. med.

Uvijek spremna na svako moje pitanje i dilemu, s lakoćom me je vodila kroz različita pitanja do krajnje emocije, cilja. Znala je odgovor na sve moje probleme i bila vodilja tijekom ovih par mjeseci tako da se sada lakše nosim sa stresom i nepredvidljivim situacijama.

Hvala Vam još jednom na prilici, strpljenju te ovo nezaboravno iskustvo zauvijek ostaje u mom sjećanju.

Venivija Stazić, office manager

About the trainers

Josipa Svetina holds a Master's Degree in Social Pedagogy, and works as an Associate and Coach at Partus. Through her college education she has acquired many social and communication skills and knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, biology and medicine. She completed her first and second degrees in Neurolinguistic Psychology and obtained her Master's Degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology. Josipa is also a Certified Business Coach. She has over five years of sales experience in the corporate sector, where she has acquired various economic knowledge and skills. She successfully combines her knowledge and skills in her work on personal and business growth and client development through training, education and individual coaching. As a trainer, she has led a number of open and in-house trainings in communication and leadership. During her time as a faculty member, she has participated in numerous project... Više
Mario Mustak holds a Master's degree in social pedagogy and works as an external associate and trainer at Partus. Through his college education he has acquired many social and communication skills and knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, biology and medicine He completed his first education degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology, as well as his first degree in reality psychotherapy. He developed his work experience through working in non-profit governmental organizations, where he advised clients individually and in groups, participated in their recruitment process, led groups on the topic of motivation, personal development, how to manage their situation in stressful situations, etc. At Partus, Mario collaborates in planning, organizing and conducting group workshops in the areas of leadership, communication and motivation, organizing and conducting market research, and organizing conferences and simil... Više