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How to negotiate in principle?

Learn how to negotiate and exercise your power of influence more successfully.

For whom: The workshop is intended for anyone who wants to become more persuasive in communicating and conveying their messages and learn how to gain a more influential position in negotiating and increase their own power of influence.


Why are negotiation skills important?

We all want to achieve maximum success in our negotiations. We want as little compromise as possible and more win-win situations. What we need are persuasion skills to succeed – both in business and in private negotiations. It is important to emphasize that success depends on both verbal and non-verbal communication, but also on the skill of recognizing the type of person we are talking to. If we know how to properly convey the message to the other party and use appropriate non-verbal communication, there is a great chance that you will leave the positive impression and influence you want- achieving the results you want.

What will you get at the workshop?

  • You will become aware of your strengths that make a positive impression and impact
  • You will understand what are your personal barriers that can leave a bad impression in your negotiations
  • You will learn how to negotiate in principle
  • You will learn how to convey a message clearly and understandably to another person
  • You will learn how to identify your own and others’ alternatives in negotiations

What awaits you at the workshop:

  • Advanced techniques and tools for realizing influencers in communication and negotiation
  • Skills that will help you increase your personal power of influence
  • Positive energy and a comfortable atmosphere
  • Group work
  • An interactive workshop with lots of exercises
  • Innovative and creative ideas

About the trainers

Mirta graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 2001, majoring in finance. Shortly afterwards, in 2004, she earned an Executive Certificate from the MBA program at Henley Management College in London. She started her business career at KPMG and continued at HBOR, where she started an internal education project within the human resources department. She has personally trained 12 internal trainers and successfully runs an internal training academy which has been successful and running for the past five years to present. Due to her growing interest in human resources development, she began her education in Human Neurolinguistic Psychology in 2007, ending in 2009 with the title of Coach and Coach of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology at her studies in Arizona, USA. In 2010, she founded the Partus Educational and Counseling Center, moving to New York, USA, where she earned the title of Certified Hypnotherapi... Više
Josipa Svetina holds a Master's Degree in Social Pedagogy, and works as an Associate and Coach at Partus. Through her college education she has acquired many social and communication skills and knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, biology and medicine. She completed her first and second degrees in Neurolinguistic Psychology and obtained her Master's Degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology. Josipa is also a Certified Business Coach. She has over five years of sales experience in the corporate sector, where she has acquired various economic knowledge and skills. She successfully combines her knowledge and skills in her work on personal and business growth and client development through training, education and individual coaching. As a trainer, she has led a number of open and in-house trainings in communication and leadership. During her time as a faculty member, she has participated in numerous project... Više