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A year long, integrated program for the development and skill attainment for leadership coaching. With the completion of the program you will receive:

NLP Practitioner International Certificate

New Code Leadership Practitioner Certificate

New Code Leadership Coaching Certificate

Is the NCL and coaching academy for you?

  • You want to become a better and more effective leader
  • You have goals you want to achieve and are ready and willing to dedicate yourself to their realization
  • You would like to have a better understanding of yourself and others
  • You want to increase your level of self-awareness and self-control
  • You want to increase your understanding of what motivates and inspires you and others to action
  • You want to realize your full potential
  • You want to become a more effective communicator
  • You want to increase your ability to better understand and reach all different personality types

Who is the NCL and Coaching Academy for?

  • Anyone who is interested in self-development and who is ready and willing to put in the effort
  • This program is especially recommended for those working in leadership positions in the service and sales industries, engaged in consulting, marketing or other activities where communication with people is prominent. No prior knowledge required.

Join us at NCL and Coaching Academy.

The program meets NCL practitioner and NCL Coach Certification standards. You also receive the internationally recognized Certificate of Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner-NLP practitioner, approved by the International Network of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology.

Training Course and Certification Requirements:

The NCL and Coaching Academy has 9 modules. Modules are held on a monthly basis, Friday’s 5PM to 9PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 6PM

In order to obtain the NCL and NLP Practitioner Certifications, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Participation in the program
  • Passing of the written exam
  • NCL and NLP Practitioner Exams
  • Presentation of your own coaching model
  • Participation in 6 coaching meetings throughout the duration of the program
  • Self-directed oral coaching training.


Following completion and graduation of the program you will be eligible and qualified for the following:

  • Self-application of NCL and NLP skills and techniques for personal growth and development and to help others learn the skills and techniques to improve their own communication skills in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales and presentation.
  • Utilize the skills for effective communication with different types of personalities and different styles of communication
  • Self-directed coaching

Why to choose INNLP (Innovative NLP)?

INNLP uses the best techniques and tools from NLP in combination with the latest knowledge, techniques and tools in the fields of leadership. psychology, coaching and cognitive neuroscience

What is New Code Leadership?

New Code Leadership is the most effective methodology for personal and business development based on the systematic and complete skill attainment of Emotional Intelligence. Through the training program, you will develop the 4 components of emotional intelligence:

  1. SELF-AWARENESS: Gain an understanding of your greatest strengths, create your personal mission and vision. Following the questionnaire and assessment and through personal discovery, we help you to define your core values behind your decisions and actions and help you to manage them more effectively
  2. SELF MANAGEMENT – Gain mastery over your emotions and behaviors and learn how to maintain a high level of self-motivation, despite barriers. We help you to develop the inner strength and perseverance you need to achieve what you want in your life.
  3. SOCIAL AWARENESS – Gain increased awareness of what drives and motivates others which in turn helps you to be a more effective communicator- reaching your desired goals in collaboration with others.
  4. SOCIAL MANAGEMENT – We help you to create and maintain long-term, quality personal and business relationships through your attainment of specific techniques and tools to successfully communicate, motivate and lead others.

Your progress is measured by validated psychological tests and assessments, allowing you to monitor your own visible results.

What is the difference between NLP and INNLP?

NLP is the study of human excellence that examines how successful people achieve top results in different life domains. It contains effective methods, techniques and tools that allow you to enhance your ability to successfully communicate, manage your emotions and behaviors and to achieve your desired goals with visible and measurable results.

Innovative NLP (INNLP) utilizes the best of NLP and combines these skills and techniques with the latest research findings in leadership, coaching, psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It can be successfully applied for personal and business growth and development, in management, leadership, sales and any field where communication with others is essential


Client testimonials

“I wanted to enhance my personal relationships and increase my level of skills that I could use to do so effectively. I learned how to understand psychological games that people play. Learning about Milton’s language patterns were invaluable in my collaboration with new clients- even with my own children! Techniques that I learned in regards to conflict resolution have helped me in both my professional and personal life and situations that arise daily.” Jurica Erceg, Sales Executive, Abbott

“I wanted to be a better version of myself-professionally and privately. I work in Human Resources and became aware that I was missing techniques and skills that would help me to improve my communication with others. Now I have a greater awareness in the different perceptions that people have and their styles of communication. This understanding is just what I needed to improve my intrapersonal skills. I now use meta questions and perspective taking in both my personal and professional life with positive results.” Petra Cigoj Debijadi, HR Specialist, SPAN

“With a new job position, I realized I need to improve my leadership skills along with improving my ability to communicate effectively. Perspective taking for understanding and handling conflicts along with effective problem solving were the most important concepts that I learned throughout the training” -Matija Vučković, Digital Media Sales Director, Adria Media Zagreb