NCL Individual Training for Personal Excellence | Partus Akademija

A program aimed at achieving your personal goals. Sign up for an individual private session with a trainer.

Why Choose NCL Individual Training?

  • We help you set goals and make plans for achieving them
  • We support you in the process of achieving your goals
  • You get all the help you need to help you figure out problems and discover possible solutions that come along the way
  • Through training you strengthen your mental excellence, learn to manage your emotions and behavior
  • We help you to be great at what you do
  • You get clear guidelines for further growth, development and progress

What does training include?

  • An initial evaluation of your current situation and a collaborative agreement on the direction of our work together
  • Complete commitment of the trainer during the work process
  • Maximum support in meeting your goals and solving challenges
  • Continuous support between sessions via SMS and e-mail
  • Learn and put into practice the best techniques and tools to get maximum results
  • Full confidentiality

What does the training process look like?

Uključuje postavljanje ciljeva i dogovor oko plana i odabira načina rada.

2. MEETINGS (3-7 meetings)
It involves setting goals and agreeing on a plan and how best to collaborate to achieve maximum results

You get the summary of the work you have done along with detailed instructions and recommendations for further growth and development.

Client testimonials

“I wanted to enhance my personal relationships and increase my level of skills that I could use to do so effectively. I learned how to understand psychological games that people play. Learning about Milton’s language patterns were invaluable in my collaboration with new clients- even with my own children! Techniques that I learned in regards to conflict resolution have helped me in both my professional and personal life and situations that arise daily.” Jurica Erceg, Sales Executive, Abbott

“I wanted to be a better version of myself-professionally and privately. I work in Human Resources and became aware that I was missing techniques and skills that would help me to improve my communication with others. Now I have a greater awareness in the different perceptions that people have and their styles of communication. This understanding is just what I needed to improve my intrapersonal skills. I now use meta questions and perspective taking in both my personal and professional life with positive results.” Petra Cigoj Debijadi, HR Specialist, SPAN

“With a new job position, I realized I need to improve my leadership skills along with improving my ability to communicate effectively. Perspective taking for understanding and handling conflicts along with effective problem solving were the most important concepts that I learned throughout the training” -Matija Vučković, Digital Media Sales Director, Adria Media Zagreb

Additional info

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for all those who want to grow, develop and achieve goals in any area of ​​personal growth and development.

What is expected from you?
  • Taking responsibility and being open to help
  • Perform the tasks you are given between training sessions
  • Personal motivation and commitment
What can you do?

You can work on any goal or problem in the area of ​​your personal growth and development, establishing quality relationships with other people, solving problems, conflicts, decision making, maintaining health and psychophysical fitness.

What if you are not sure what exactly you want / need?

Part of the training can be figuring out what you really want and what are the things you need to improve your quality of life.

What do meetings look like?

Each meeting involves talking, using techniques and methods that will help you achieve your goals, and the task you perform until the next meeting for maximum result.