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Open enrollment for one day seminars on personal and professional development

How to communicate with different personality types

Daily good communication can drive change and build relationships. Equally, poor communication can disrupt relationships and block progress. Join us for a one-day communication seminar and learn how to interact with different types of people with practical examples and influence changes in your personal and business environment through communication.


How to manage emotions and reduce stress

In order to manage your personal states during a stressful period, it is important to raise your own awareness of your emotions and learn how to manage them. Join us for a one-day seminar and learn how to keep your peace of mind in both your personal and professional life in a practical manner.


Power of influence and persuasion

Learn how to successful present your position in negotiations, better present yourself and your ideas, and how to exercise your power of influence privately and business-wise.
How to negotiate in principle?

Learn how to negotiate and exercise your power of influence more successfully


How to lead yourself and others

Do you want to improve your leadership skills, or to learn something new? Are you interested how to increase your self-consciousness and improve managing yourself? Join us on this one-day seminar and lean the skills of personal and business management in a practical way.