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Jelena Janković

Jelena Janković

Expert Associate & Trainer

Jelena completed her undergraduate degree in Economics and Management and her BA in Human Resources Management. She has further developed her knowledge and skills in the field of psychology and is continuously developing through numerous additional trainings in different psychological directions; completed 3 years of Transactional Analysis training – Psychotherapy course and one year of Transaction Analysis. Jelena is a Certified Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Business Coach, and is currently attending the NLP Master Program.
Jelena works in Partus as an external associate – coach and therapist and is the author of numerous texts in the field of personal and professional growth and career development.

Working with clients, she combines knowledge and techniques in multiple fields of psychology, and with careful listening and monitoring, directs the client to identify their strengths, resources, resolve doubts, and find a path to success.

She has gained her work experience in the field of human resources, selection, counseling, education and development of people and works in a private higher education institution in the field of career development. She has created and runs several educational programs in the fields of human resources and personal growth and development: Recruitment and selection, Emotion management and Information systems in human resources management.

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