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Josipa Svetina

Josipa Svetina

expert associate & trainer

Josipa Svetina holds a Master’s Degree in Social Pedagogy, and works as an Associate and Coach at Partus. Through her college education she has acquired many social and communication skills and knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, biology and medicine.

She completed her first and second degrees in Neurolinguistic Psychology and obtained her Master’s Degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology. Josipa is also a Certified Business Coach.

She has over five years of sales experience in the corporate sector, where she has acquired various economic knowledge and skills. She successfully combines her knowledge and skills in her work on personal and business growth and client development through training, education and individual coaching.

As a trainer, she has led a number of open and in-house trainings in communication and leadership.

During her time as a faculty member, she has participated in numerous projects and in the organization and implementation of many projects at the student level (“Pupovci in Vrapče”, 8th International Scientific Conference “Research in Educational and Rehabilitation Sciences”, Student Congress “ERFUSS-2014” for which they received the Dean’s Award as Organizing Committee)

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