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Mario Mustak

Mario Mustak

Mario Mustak holds a Master’s degree in social pedagogy and works as an external associate and trainer at Partus. Through his college education he has acquired many social and communication skills and knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, biology and medicine

He completed his first education degree in Neurolinguistic Psychology, as well as his first degree in reality psychotherapy.

He developed his work experience through working in non-profit governmental organizations, where he advised clients individually and in groups, participated in their recruitment process, led groups on the topic of motivation, personal development, how to manage their situation in stressful situations, etc.

At Partus, Mario collaborates in planning, organizing and conducting group workshops in the areas of leadership, communication and motivation, organizing and conducting market research, and organizing conferences and similar events.

Mario is very communicative, approachable and professional in communication and working with people, is prone to teamwork, adaptable and above all responsible.

In college, Mario won the Dean’s Award for Best Student Work “So What Did You Boy Enroll? – the experience of studying social pedagogy from the perspective of male students in 2016.

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