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Sonja Čuljak

Sonja Čuljak

Expert, Consultant and Coach

Sonja graduated from the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split in 2000. That same year, she began her business career at Allianz d.d. in the sales department. She remained in the financial industry until 2013, climbing the hierarchical ladder to become the sales director for Croatia.
Due to her interest in additional education in economics, she received her master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics in Split in 2008. She attended various training courses in sales, management, accounting, payroll and complaint management.

Sonja is always focused on motivating people and achieving exceptional results and profits. She has held over 200 sales workshops in the financial and insurance industries and achieved a sales increase of 32% throughout the region.

Zbog iznimnog interesa za rad s ljudima od 2013. do 2019. godine radi kao menadžer ljudskih potencijala u hotelima Solaris d.d. Fokus joj je na problemu sezonskih zapošljavanja te kako postići top rezultate u tom području.

Due to her exceptional interest in working with people, between 2012-current she worked as a Human Resources Manager at Solaris Hotels d.d. Her current focus is on the problem of seasonal employment and how to achieve top results in the field. In 2018, she founded Serve Consulting d.o.o. because she believes that all people are good at something. There are no bad and unproductive employees. Only those who are currently unmotivated because they are in the wrong place and have no inspiration to work. The strategic goal of the company is to be a specialist in putting the right people in the right place.

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