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Naša povijest

The Partus Academy was created as the crowning of the six-year work of the Partus Education and Counseling Center, founded in 2010. In the eight years of the center’s existence we have held more than 2,000 individual trainings, over 480 group trainings and trainings in the field of personal and business growth and development. Our trainers have held over 350 open training and company training sessions, with which they have achieved significant successes and results.
The main activity of the academy is focused on providing education, group and individual excellence training, motivational lectures and organizing conferences for leaders.

Our definition of a leader is that a leader is any person who, through his actions, helps others to do better, live better and do better. In this sense, a leader can be a person in a managerial position, but also a leader of any group of people. We work with leaders from the world of business, sports and the arts.

Throughout the years, the Academy has worked to collect, develop and put into practice the most effective methods in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, leadership, psychology, psychotherapy, coaching and humanistic-neurolinguistic psychology.

Based on years of experience with many clients and organizations, New Code Leadership Methodology TM has been created, which uses the best techniques, models and tools in the above areas to enable leaders to achieve superior results while maintaining integrity and humanity. Our approach to leadership is emotionally intelligent leadership.

We are constantly growing and developing and investing significant resources in our own education to ensure that we maintain a high level of service and utilize empirically based methods. We love innovative approaches and elegant solutions based on the latest breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

Our trainings are designed to deliver long-lasting results and bring awareness to the best of our clients, with a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. The client’s success is our success and therefore we celebrate their achievements together with them. We are motivated by challenges and high expectations and we do our best to justify them.