Leaders 2 Leaders mini MBA | Partus Akademija

An integrated 6-month long program specifically for managers and those in leadership positions. The program covers 6 key components of excellent management. The instructors are leaders at the forefront of leadership in Croatia who will share with you their knowledge, experience, skills and techniques that have had regional success. The Program includes a “Leaders 2 Leaders Day” where you will be able to learn best practices and secrets directly from the members of and one of the most successful companies in all of Croatia.

Key Highlights and Values of the Program:

  • Gain insight into the most essential facets of a successful company as a whole
  • Receive a quality baseline for further development of competencies in the selected area of management
  • Learn proven techniques and tools that you can immediately put into practice
  • All content is formatted and adapted to the regional market
  • Lecturers are experts in their filed and content, offering the possibility of additional individual mentoring
  • Work in smaller groups with an individual approach

The program is especially recommended for managers of medium and large companies, entrepreneurs, directors and owners of small companies

The content of the program covers the 6 Key competencies of successful management:

  1. Leadership (12 Hours)
  2. Strategic Management (12 Hours)
  3. Sales Skills (12 Hours)
  4. Managing people and creating the right organizational infrastructure (12 hours)
  5. Finance and Strategic Marketing (12 Hours)
  6. Personal branding and the power of influence (12 Hours)   + Leaders 2 leaders day

How the program runs:

  • The program is run in 6 modules in addition to the Leaders 2 Leaders Day. Each module lasts 12 hours.
  • The modules are held once a month on Thursdays from 9AM to 5PM and Fridays from 9AM to 1PM.
  • Between modules, you will have the opportunity to practice what has been learned within your workplace/ organization.
  • The program is held in the Croatian language
  • Location: Trnjanska Cesta 114 Partus Academy

For the greatest benefit to our participants, there is a maximum of 14 enrollees.


Following the completion of the training program, you will receive the Partus Academy certificate as well as recommendations for ongoing growth and development. In addition, throughout the program you will receive coaching and mentoring. The prerequisite for obtaining the certificate is full participation in the program along with passing the exam.

Module 1: Leadership: Leadership Skills

  • The role of a leader and manager
  • Situational Guidance
  • Basics of group dynamics and assumptions for successful team management
  • Balancing results and relationships
  • Prerequisites for building a culture of trust and community within a team
  • Emotionally Intelligent leadership and motivating team members

During this first module, you will learn the prerequisites of long-term leadership, how to determine the stages of development of employees and how to guide people based on their own levels of knowledge and motivation. You will also learn how to manage personal relationships and the motivation of the team members and how to create the perfect conditions for building a culture of trust and community within the organization.

Module 2: Strategic Management

  • Strategic analysis of the organization and the organizational environment
  • Strategic positioning
  • Change management for strategic positioning
  • Implementing formulated strategies

In this module you will learn to articulate and identify the key elements of an organization’s strategic positioning and use the strategic management tools in your business. You will also learn how to clearly formulate strategies and successfully prepare for their implementation.

Module 3: Sales Skills

  • Fundamental principles of sales
  • The psychology of shopping
  • Building confidence/ preparing for a B2B sales meeting
  • Sales Diagnostics and Offer presentation
  • Managing annotations

In the second decade of this century, everything that CAN be automated in sales WILL be automated. The only thing that will remain consistent and in demand is the human factor. Therefore, the aim of this module is to let participants know what are the key sales skills needed for success that cannot be replaced or replicated by automated innovations, within the realistic constructs of each participants’ industry.

Module 4: Managing People and Creating Organizational Structure

  • Learn the prerequisites a company must have for managing human resources
  • The role and importance of the competency model
  • Prerequisite for monitoring performance
  • Ensuring conditions for the independence of the company and its’ independence from key stakeholders
  • Adaptation of human resources to business strategies in order to achieve clearly defined goals

Following this module, you will have awareness of what tools are required for a company to successfully manage human resources. You will learn how to allocate the right people for the right positions and create teams where each individual knows their role and how their role is significant to the team’s progress. You will have the opportunity to complete the Predictive Index- an assessment that will reveal to you what drive you and the people you lead.

Module 5: Finance and Strategic Marketing

  • Finance and controlling for management
  • Key performance indicators and monitoring them
  • Use of BI tools in enterprise management
  • Prerequisites for effective strategic marketing
  • Advantages of value orientation versus production
  • Evaluating marketing performance

In this module you will learn how to use finance and controlling/ monitoring to manage your business and know how to create KPI’s according to the requirements of your business. You will know how to take advantage of BI tools and how it can inform your decision making. You will also learn how to incorporate marketing principles into the value of your product in a way that gives you a specific market advantage before engaging in customer communication and in negotiations.

Module 6: Personal Branding and the Power of Influence

  • Leader as a brand and the key messages of leaders
  • Factors of personal influence and personal power in leadership
  • 5 levels of persuasiveness, credibility and integrity
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Organizational Brand vs. Leader Brand
  • Personal image through verbal and non-verbal communication

The influence of the leader is crucial, especially in crisis and decisive situations- it can either motivate or demotivate employees and stifle organizational and team creativity. In this module, you will get to know and become familiar of the elements of personal influence with the people you work with. Learn to recognize the power of your own influence while also gaining insight into what areas are essential for individual development.


Leader 2 Leaders Day is a special module where you will have the opportunity to get to know the members of the Management Board and the directors of the most successful companies in Croatia. These elite members and experienced professionals will share with you the secrets of success on the Croatian regional and world markets.

About the trainers

Mirela is a leading Croatian business consultant. She is the owner and Director of Ciceron Communications and specializes in trainings on rhetoric, communication, sales skills and leadership. In her 15 years of practice, she has held over 1000 trainings in some of the largest domestic and foreign companies. She is the author of the first Croatian manual on rhetoric, The Power of Persuasion, which has become a national bestseller with 8,000 copies sold. She is a frequent guest commentator in electronic media in the analysis of public appearances by politicians and public speakers in general. She was educated at prestigious domestic and foreign business schools. Mirela holds the train the trainer certificates of the most famous German Business Education Institutes (Haufe Akademie, Instatik, VA Akademie) in the field of communication, sales and leadership. Since 2012, when she graduated from a certified coaching program, Više
Jasna Rilovic, HR consultant, has spent more than 15 years in leadership positions in various markets: pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and IT industries in more than 18 countries. In most of her workplaces, she has built a human resources department from the ground up and is familiar with all aspects of human resources development: from labor law, human resources planning, job descriptions, implementation of work efficiency monitoring, development of employee education and development plans, creation of inheritance maps and developing successors, remuneration policies, etc. In addition to basic education in social pedagogy, she has a vast fund of knowledge in finance, sales and self-employment. For the past five years, Jasna has been running her own company, Human Capital d.o.o. providing human resources consulting services to many foreign and domestic companies. Her specialty is the introduction of all Više
Danijel started his career as a sales consultant and trainer in 2005. Since then, he has successfully worked with over 300 companies and trades. As a sales trainer specializing in field work, he was present at over 5,000 sales interviews as a sales mentor and coach. He has held more than 600 workshops, seminars, lectures and trainings. According to the business weekly Lider, Danijel was one of the 100 most influential business consultants in Croatia in 2013. From the first moment he worked in the consulting and coaching industry, it was clear to Daniel that selling services was vastly different from selling products. Therefore, he focused on developing a custom sales system that would facilitate and increase his sales business. Now he has decided to share his successful sales system with other entrepreneurs who are looking for quality solutions to increase their sales of services. In addition to the book "Go Crazy frViše
During his career, Ernest worked as a Commercial-Financial Director and Change Manager within the National Scientific STP Project at the Brodarski Institute, with which he co-founded the spin-out development research organization Novamina Center for Innovative Technologies. With Novamin, he participated in the implementation of a number of technological research and development projects, which have been funded, inter alia, through successful EU applications and national funding instruments such as FP7 and Horizon2020. He is a polytechnic professor, and is intensively and successfully engaged in scientific research and teaching focused on the areas of strategic and innovation management in organizations and innovation and industrial policy, where he received his PhD from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. He has been an expert lecturer at a number of scientific and professional conferences, as well as a visiting lecturer aViše
Mirta graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 2001, majoring in finance. Shortly afterwards, in 2004, she earned an Executive Certificate from the MBA program at Henley Management College in London. She started her business career at KPMG and continued at HBOR, where she started an internal education project within the human resources department. She has personally trained 12 internal trainers and successfully runs an internal training academy which has been successful and running for the past five years to present. Due to her growing interest in human resources development, she began her education in Human Neurolinguistic Psychology in 2007, ending in 2009 with the title of Coach and Coach of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology at her studies in Arizona, USA. In 2010, she founded the Partus Educational and Counseling Center, moving to New York, USA, where she earned the title of Certified HypnotherapiViše
Sonja graduated from the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split in 2000. That same year, she began her business career at Allianz d.d. in the sales department. She remained in the financial industry until 2013, climbing the hierarchical ladder to become the sales director for Croatia. Due to her interest in additional education in economics, she received her master's degree from the Faculty of Economics in Split in 2008. She attended various training courses in sales, management, accounting, payroll and complaint management. Sonja is always focused on motivating people and achieving exceptional results and profits. She has held over 200 sales workshops in the financial and insurance industries and achieved a sales increase of 32% throughout the region. Zbog iznimnog interesa za rad s ljudima od 2013. do 2019. godine radi kao menadžer ljudskih potencijala u hotelima Solaris d.d. Fokus joj je na problemu sezonskih zapoViše
In the last 12 years, Filip Fučić has combined economic knowledge and communication skills and has achieved three years of entrepreneurship, five years of leading the marketing department for a B2B enterprise in the IT industry, has made award-winning business plans and made fifty consulting jobs on various projects in small and medium-sized enterprises. As a Master of Arts in Economics (Marketing, Analysis and Business Planning, Commerce), he worked as a novice entrepreneur, project author, market researcher, game designer, intra-entrepreneur in a foreign SMB company, strategic analyst, and author of promotional texts. and a brochure, event organizer, product denominator, and author of hundreds of short professional articles on Quora.com. Today, he works as an independent consultant, most often on topics related to marketing strategy, product development and launch, marketing research, pricing, creative writing, strategic consulting,Više