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Manager development academy

The Manager Development Academy consists of a series of programs designed to help managers and leaders cope with the day-to-day challenges on the job. All programs can be tailored to the organization’s needs and agreed upon goals. All trainings are based on the development of mental excellence, excellent communication and relationship with others, and leadership excellence. This holistic and integrative approach enables lasting results, lasting positive change and progress.


The purpose of the program is to support managers, leaders and team leaders in leadership style development, which is based on knowing one’s personality, knowing and developing leadership skills, understanding the personalities and comparative strengths of team members, and excellent communication and presentation.

The SMART leadership program consists of 28 pre-assembled thematic modules, tailored to the needs and goals of the organization, and tailor-made training and lectures. The trainings are based on two areas of development:

  • Personal excellence – personal growth and development
  • Business Excellence – Leadership Skills
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Leadership Academy is a complete training program, consisting of 8 training modules totaling 64 hours, designed to help managers cope with day-to-day job challenges.
The Academy is focused on 3 main thematic units:

  1. Essentials of Successful Leadership & Personal Leadership
  2. Creating a winning team & Management
  3. Leadership skills
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Business Breakfast is a fast and effective program designed for managers to develop leadership skills and to help them successfully cope with the daily challenges of work and establish personal and business balance.
The program takes place once a week in the morning with coffee and breakfast, and includes the education and exchange of business knowledge and ideas between the students and the application of techniques and tools of Excellence Training.
The program consists of 6 modules, which are maintained for a period of 6 weeks, with modules held once a week or once every two weeks in the morning.

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The Manager as a Business Coach program is an intensive program that enables managers to master the most effective coaching techniques and skills and to train them to conduct coaching independently in the workplace.

This program is specific in that it enables managers to introduce a coaching process through conversation in the context of daily business activities in a relatively short period of time and gives immediate visible results.

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Team development trainings

Team development trainings are designed to create team cohesion, increase motivation, productivity and efficiency of team members and empower team members to cope with the daily challenges of the job.


Power team training is designed to increase the motivation, efficiency and business results of the team, improve collaboration between team members and, consequently, improve the organizational climate.
The training uses the techniques and tools of Excellence Training, team and group coaching to produce the desired results in the shortest possible time.

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This program is designed to raise the energy, motivation and pro-activeness of team members through hosting successful individuals from the world of sports, the arts and business, with the aim of raising motivation and morale, a positive attitude and responsibility for achieving top results despite challenges and obstacles. This team building program includes:

a) Holding motivational lectures and a round table with guests
b) Organization of group activities
c) Organization of entertaining activities (dinner, music dance)

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Anti-stress Team building is a thematic team building training designed to empower team members to cope with the daily challenges of work and to develop team cohesion in a positive environment.

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